Mixing cute looks with an uncanny vocal ability is clearly a recipe for success.

Way back in October of 2014, Raon Lee uploaded a little video of herself covering the song “Daze”, the opening theme of Mekakucity Actors. Little did she know that this one video would spark a passion for covering popular anime songs in a language that wasn’t her mother tongue.

Her most popular video to date might be one you’ve seen, as her rendition of “Silhouette” from Naruto Shippuden has been viewed over 21 million times.

Even though she got her start on YouTube, she is translating that fame into a real singing career as she has performed in multiple concerts in Korea. With her curated model look and a set of vocal pipes to back them up, Lee is surely going to continue to rise in popularity.

▼ Here are a couple more of our favorites!

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H/T: Next Shark
Top image: YouTube/Raon Lee