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Meet YouTuber Smoukahontas, the girl who became an internet star in a matter of days with her video “What Language Sound Like To Foreigners”. In it, the bespectacled brunette runs through a long list of languages from Arabic to Japanese, blabbering nonsense word combinations in genuinely impressive accents, resulting in something that sounds to the untrained ear just like the real thing.

Honestly speaking, her Japanese is a little off as it sounds more like a mix of Japanese and Spanish, but Smoukahontas’ grasp of European languages – or perhaps I should say accents – is nothing short of superb. Few non-Brits can pull off a convincing British English impression, but this YouTuber’s blew me away.

Here’s the original video. Check it out and see if your own language is in there.

Because no one reads anything any more and completely skipped the video’s description, a handful of commenters were quick to point out that the YouTuber isn’t speaking these languages “properly”, and some even flew into web-rage mode and said that the video was inherently racist.

Smoukahontas had this to say in response:

Yes, she perhaps could do with training her ear a little more closely to one or two of the Asian languages, but Smoukahontas’ current repertoire is still hugely impressive. And, as we’ve said before, although it helps to use actual words and put them in the right order too, sometimes just sounding like you know what you’re saying is more than enough to get you out of a tight spot when using another language.

We’ll leave you with a superb remix of the YouTuber’s response video. Enjoy!

Source: YouTube