This Japanese company wants fashionistas to store fruit under their skirts this winter.

With signs at station escalators around Japan warning commuters to watch out for people taking photos under the skirts of unsuspecting women, staying covered “down there” with an opaque barrier is something that can be a relief to skirt-wearing ladies. For those wanting to conceal their underwear in a fun and stylish way, Japanese company ekoD Works has come up with a creative solution: peach bottom tights.


The company previously wowed us with their “Universe Inside a Skirt” tights, which featured a dark galaxy at the top of a pair of stockings. This time, they’re continuing their creative approach to underskirt fashion with cute details that include a white foam net cradling a pink peach. It gives the fruit an extra sense of realism… especially considering Japan’s history with associating round peaches with round butts.



▼ The white opaque tights include adorable peach-coloured toes and a green leaf on the heel beneath the left foot.


If you get caught out on a windy day while wearing the tights, you won’t have to suffer any embarrassment, although you’ll definitely attract attention to your nether regions with your round, peachy cheeks.



Nobody wants to be this woman, but if you’re going to get your skirt stuck in your underwear, these tights might just be your saving grace.


Set to be released mid-November, ekoD Works is currently accepting preorders for the tights, which retail for 4,320 yen (US$41.90) each. They can be purchased online at the company’s official store, or at Village Vanguard, where you can also check out a number of other unusual items from ekoD Works, including animal-tailed baby rompers and peek-a-boo breast T-shirts.

Source, images: EkoD Works