How to make a McDonald’s Ramune milkshake at home

This recipe is even better than the new McShake, with much more of that distinctive Japanese flavour. 

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McDonald’s captures the sweet flavour of Japan with new Ramune milkshake

The Japanese soda with a glass marble steps out as a McShake for a limited time.

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Japan now has crab fish paste sticks that taste like soda

Why drink soda when you can add it to salads and sandwiches instead?

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Beautiful Japanese dessert looks like cube of crystal-blue water, only sold at convenience store

Gorgeous enough for the fanciest restaurant in Tokyo, this is actually available only from one of Japan’s most popular convenience store chains.

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Thomas the Tank Engine in Ramune candy form is actually pretty terrifying 【Pics】

If you or your child is a Thomas fan, you might want to look away.

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We sample curry, octopus, kimchi, chili pepper, salted watermelon, and corn flavored Ramune sodas

Ramune was one of the first carbonated beverages in Japan and can still be found today in various supermarkets or at festivals and public baths around the country. Over a century after its first appearance, Japanese customers have tended to go for the big name colas, which has in turn caused Ramune producers, such as Osaka’s Hata, to come up with some novel flavors in an effort to stir up interest.

Most recently, a corn flavored Ramune was developed and has celebrated 100,000 bottles sold since its release in March. In honor of this, I picked up some of Hata’s more unique flavors for a whirlwind review of these often overlooked Japanese sodas.

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