Nintendo Famicom’s red-and-white design makes for some stylish stationery!

If you’re from North America or Europe, then you’ll be mostly familiar with the grey-and-black Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) from the 1980s, even though the original Family Computer (Famicom) looked significantly different. Still, any gamer from the 80s and early 90s can appreciate the retro red-and-white look of the top-loading Famicom.

▼ A side by side comparison of the NES and Famicom.


Image: Wikipedia/Evan Amos

From the end of this December, fans of the Famicom can proudly display their love of the greatest gaming console of all time with these fun and stylish stationery goods from company Sanei Boeki.

The console and controller spiral notebooks (700 yen [US$6.32] each), folding memo pad set (600 yen), file folder set with two A4-size and one B5-size folders (600 yen), ballpoint pens and mechanical pencils with attached charm (680 yen), and tote bag (2,500 yen) are sure to bring waves of nostalgia to those from the NES/Famicom generation.

The company has also released some images of the tote bag, which is made of cotton and is printed brightly with a Famicom motif, and includes two controller-design pockets on the sides, large enough to conveniently store your smartphone or 3DS LL.

The tote bag has plenty of additional space to carry all of the Famicom goods, plus your own (and this business card holder too!). More detailed sale information has yet to be released, but you can bet we’ll be first in line (or online!) to order these, after sharing with you all of course!

Source, images: Twitter/@saneiboeki via Net Lab