Thirty games isn’t all the Nintendo Classic Mini Family Computer is reviving.

Let’s take a trip back to 1983. A young Michael Jackson wowed the world with his trademark moonwalk for the first time on television and Ronald Reagan opened up the revolutionary Global Positioning System (GPS) for use by the general public.

Meanwhile, in Japan, Nintendo released the Family Computer or Famicom video game system. For advertising, the company spared no expense utilizing the latest in green-screen technology and vector CGI.

The video demonstrated some of the Famicom’s cutting-edge features like games contained in big plastic cartridges and a switch on the system to alternate between the games and your antenna signal (or satellite if you had one of those 200-inch dishes back then).

Now, let’s fast forward to 2016. Piko Taro wowed the world with his trademark miming-holding-fruit dance and most people use their GPS receivers to catch imaginary monsters on their phones.

Meanwhile, in Japan, Nintendo released the Classic Mini Family Computer video game system. To advertise it they went with the same philosophy that went into the system: if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it…but give it HDMI support.

While it is lacking in both the cartridges and TV-game switch that made the original Famicom a hit, we can see that it still works great with a puffy pink shirt.

Viewers had this to say about the new ad.

“They emulated it right up to the commercial!”
“It’s just like the 80s. That pink sweatshirt brings me right back!”
“I thought I slipped back in time to my childhood. Nintendo really went all out this time.”

I don’t know if they did the same type of commercial for the western version of the Mini Famicom, but if they did I hope they emulated that weird David-Lynch-meets-Adam-Sandler style Zelda commercial with the guy in a black leotard mumbling about Octoroks.

That one kicked ass.

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