Let the voice from Pregnancy Academy and Crime Breast Bounce guide you to the bullet train.

With Japan being the home of so many animation and video game production companies, the country has the most developed voice acting industry in the world. That benefits organizations outside of the digital entertainment sphere as well, since if you find yourself needing the services of a narrator or announcer, there are plenty of experienced professionals to choose from.

As such, sometimes otaku will be surprised to hear a familiar voice pop up where they least expect it. That was the situation Japanese Twitter user @ameni1952 found himself in while walking through Niigata Station, specifically the passageway where passengers transfer from the regular lines to the high-speed Shinkansen. To help make the transition as smooth as possible, an audio recording is played in the area, explaining which tickets need to be inserted into the automated gate, but @ameni1952 got a little excited listening to the sexy and cute voice coming out of the station’s speakers, which can be heard in the tweet below.

▼ The sound is faint at first, but becomes clearer around the 10-second mark.

It turns out he’s not the only one to respond that way to the breathy, ever so slightly nasal voice, and with good reason. It turns out that’s actually Phan Masaki, an established voice actress who’s performed in over 100 adult video games released in Japan, including:

● Ninja Pleasure Torture
● Pregnancy Academy
● Crime Breast Bounce
● Sadomasocrazy
● Multiangle Sex
● If You Find a Cute Girl, Lick Her All Over

▼ Another sample of Masaki’s voice taken at Niigata Station

Masaki’s talents were also featured the first and second installments of trilogy Monmosu Quest–If You Lose, the Enchantress Will Rape You, but not the third. However, just as vocal performers might get dropped mid-series, so too can they join a franchise that’s already underway, as Masaki did when she was hired to lend her voice to What Will a Girl Do After She Sneaks into the Men’s Bath? 2.

As with other show business sectors, it’s not unusual for voice acting newcomers to get their foot in the door by taking on risque parts early in their careers, then transition to less salacious projects once they’ve established their credentials. However, Masaki’s role guiding travelers through Niigata Station has been concurrent with her work in the adult game industry. The video below, once again taken at Niigata Station, was uploaded to YouTube in 2011…

…but Masaki’s voice can be heard in games at least as recent as 2015’s thoroughly descriptive We’re Coming and Going! Cheerleader and Her Mom the Teacher–Cheering by Spreading the Body and Rape Game 2, which is as in-your-face with its title as it no doubt is with its in-game nudity.

Unusually varied as her resume may be, there’s no denying that Masaki’s voice, as heard in Niigata Station, is clear and attention-grabbing, and as such is a fine choice for the announcement’s purpose. But should you happen to see a crowd of young men standing under the speakers with suspicious smiles on their faces, now you’ll know why.

Sources: Jin, Pham Masaki official blog (NSFW)
Top image: Wikipedia/Koba20

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