While they’re designed for breasts, those aren’t the only things they can hold.

In Japan, the prevailing attitude is that food shouldn’t just be delicious to eat, but beautiful to look at. Restaurants give extra attention to how their fare is presented, and even in the home, traditionally meals are arranged on an array of small, specialized dishes, instead of everything just being tossed onto a single plate.

Because of that, if you peek into a Japanese family’s kitchen cabinets, you’re likely to find a large collection of tableware in various shapes and sizes, many with a specific purpose or foodstuff associated with it. Sometimes, there’s so much variety that even the residents of the household themselves can have trouble keeping track of it, as proven by Japanese Twitter user @37_bot, whose husband decided to set out some milk mint hard candies, placing them in a simple but elegant curved candy dish.

Or, more accurately, an elegant curved bra pad from his wife’s lingerie.


“Dear husband…that’s not a dish…”

Specifically, the pad comes from one of lingerie manufacturer Triumph’s Sloggi-line bras, touted as being extra-comfortable and easy to move about it.

However, @37_bot mentions that when Sloggi bras are machine-washed, the pads tend to pop out, and are occasionally discovered by other members of her family, with her kid having taken to hanging them on their Christmas tree or tossing them about the home. But while kids will be kids, hopefully her husband won’t repeat his candy serving mistake if company comes over during the winter holidays.

Source, images: Twitter/p@37_bot
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