Japanese brides are taking control of their Western-style weddings with a uniquely Japanese flair.

Weddings are an interesting phenomenon in Japan as a lot of the younger generation don’t fancy a long, drawn-out traditional Japanese-style wedding. What’s becoming more popular is a wedding ceremony and reception that combines elements of the traditional, with elements of a Western-style Christian wedding, even though only about two percent of the population practices Christianity. While many people dream of a white wedding dress, thanks to movies and TV, some Japanese brides are taking the idea of a wedding dress and modifying it to suit their needs.


These stunning dresses appear to be traditional furisode long-sleeved kimono that have been modified by folding down the sleeves and turning the obi into the bodice of the dress. The colorful patterns of the kimono fabric and the classic look of the white wedding dress go surprisingly well together.



This isn’t simply turning one piece of fancy clothing into another; there is actually a reason for this transformation. Furisode are traditionally an extremely formal kimono that young Japanese women wear during the Coming of Age ceremony when they turn 20. The furisode, which are generally bought by the parents, signifies that the young woman is now an adult and available to be married. Pretty ingenious then that a company, Oriental Wasou, is offering brides the chance to change-up their furisode and officially get married in them.



▼ Whether in a Japanese setting or more European setting, this dress fits any scene.



All it takes is 10 minutes and nothing is permanently altered so you can still keep the furisode as a sentimental keepsake of your swinging single days.



▼ The perfect combination of Japanese elegance and European aesthetics.



You probably won’t be able to find a better way to transition from “not married” to “married” than this transformative look. And on the plus side, you won’t have to shell out the cash for a wedding dress, as anyone who has planned a wedding knows, anywhere you can save a little bit of money will help in the long run.

Source: Twitter/@cyan_magenta
Images: The Oriental Wasou