KIMONOanne. is the place to go whether you’re a kimono pro, beginner, or just invested in modern fashion trends.

On November 2, the 80-page, first volume of KIMONOanne. hit bookstores around Japan. While there are plenty of guidebooks for wearing kimono in a formal, traditional manner, this new magazine differs in that it proposes novel blends of both Japanese and Western-style attire–perhaps a nod to the direction in which fashion is moving in this new Reiwa (“beautiful harmony”) era.

▼ The cover of the inaugural issue

These days, kimono can be enjoyed in all manner of diverse ways. KIMONOanne. in particular targets women interested in fashion who want to try wearing kimono in a more modern, casual sense. Its content is accessible to both seasoned kimono pros and beginners who may think that a kimono is difficult to wear and have always been too scared to try one on until now.

Check out the following sample spread from the magazine, which includes photo shoots of popular models such as idol singers Moe Kamikokuryo of Angerme and Aina The End of BiSH.

▼ While these full ensembles might not be practical for everyday errands, the unique blend of traditional and modern is readily apparent. The right-hand side spread reads “Reiwa: The Dress Code.”


▼ Post featuring Moe Kamikokuryo

▼ Post featuring Aina The End

The pages are packed with not only visual eye candy but also kimono “how-to” guides, cultural topics and kimono etiquette, and trends taken directly from social media. Examples include how to wrap an obi (sash) simply without having to tie it and how to combine kimono with Western-style clothing and accessories.

▼ These photos from the magazine include kimono fashion trailbrazers showcasing genderless kimono styles and a guide on matching kimono to specific environments or locations.

In addition, to celebrate this very first issue of KIMONOanne., copies come packaged with special contents in the form of a collaborative nichinichi×M!DOR! large silk scarf that measures 90 x 90 centimeters (35.4 x 35.4 inches). With its vibrant colors and whimsical design, it could certainly serve as a fine complement to your kimono of choice!

The first issue of KIMONOanne. is priced at 1,800 yen (US$16.50), tax excluded, and can even be ordered from outside of Japan using Amazon Global. You can also follow this exciting world of modern kimono fashion and behind-the-scenes content on KIMONOanne.’s official Instagram account.

Along with the modernization of kimono style, maybe some employers in Japan will finally relax their rules regarding certain jobs that don’t allow women to wear glasses at the workplace.

Source: PR Times via Japaaan
Images: PR Times
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