This Pokémon Master couple are also Wedding Masters.

Weddings are a special event that some of us spend our entire lifetimes planning for. Whether you have a specific vision for the ceremony, or don’t care one way or another, it still takes a lot of time and effort to pull off. People who have a particular theme for their wedding will understand how difficult it can be to organize and ensure that everything goes according to plan. The best-case scenario is when your guests are so overwhelmingly impressed by the whole thing, they just have to share it on the Internet. Twitter user @sdc47_intel attended a wedding last weekend with an unlikely theme, “Pokémon Happy Wedding”.

▼ Be sure to click through the photos to see all the Poké-details!

Not only were there little Pokémon hidden all over the venue, but the bride and groom transformed themselves into Pokémon Trainers sporting some of the newest Pokémon from Pokémon Sun and MoonTable settings and the all-important wedding cake were not left out of the Pokémon-centric wedding, either, and guests probably spent a lot of the time identifying the different critters adorning their tables. 

Traditionally, Japanese weddings followed a strict formula of either standard Japanese or Western customs, or a mix of both, but recently unique wedding ceremony and reception ideas have started to become popular in Japan. We hope more and more couples get the chance to express their passions during their wedding. Since it’s supposed to be your special day, might as well make it truly yours!

Source,  featured image: Twitter/@sdc47_intel