Ever dreamed of looking expensive, elegant, and dramatic all at once on your wedding day?

When it comes to choosing a wedding dress, you’ll usually want to pick something that matches your personality and style, right? Whether that means something girlish, something elegant, or something inspired by your favorite anime–say, Sailor Moon–there’s something out there for everyone. And if your style is fabulous drama with a Japanese flair, then Tomo Koizumi’s new wedding dress collection for Treat Maison is for you!

This fabulously extravagant bridal capsule collection is part of Japanese designer Tomo Koizumi’s Spring/Summer 2021 collection. Tomo Koizumi is a Japanese designer who suddenly drew the eye of the fashion world after his debut New York fashion show in February 2019, which was organized by fashion giant, stylist, and creative consultant Katie Grand. His Fall/Winter New York Collection was highly praised, thanks to the innovative way in which he used organdy ruffles in his dresses.

▼ Koizumi and his 2019 Fall/Winter NY Collection

Koizumi’s idea behind his new wedding collection was to create pieces that break the mold of traditional wedding dresses. Each piece and its accessories actively rebel against the standard rules of wedding attire in Japan, with the aim of letting the wearers create their wedding in their own style. And, in collaborating with the master tailors of Treat Maison, a Japanese brand of hand-made wedding dresses, Koizumi’s desire was also to share with the world “the spirit of Japan and the careful skill of its craftsmen”. 

As such, the collection looks at once greatly inspired by not only European haute couture but also Japanese elegance and aesthetics. The dresses, capes, veils, and gloves in this collection are characterized by elaborate design as well as beautiful simplicity. The dresses also possess an air of drama, with huge floral necklines in bright colors–presumably done in ruffle organdy–adorning form-fitting, bright white dresses for a contrast of shapes, textures, and sizes.

▼ The styling, setting, and composition of the photos also adds a beautiful Japanese aesthetic to the collection.

The veils are stunning too. One style is designed to look like a wataboushi, a silk headdress traditionally worn with a wedding kimono.

Another is more western-inspired: long and sheer, meant to cover the entire upper portion of the body. This particular veil is ultra luxurious with its huge, floral hem.

This collection is now available at Miss Treat, the concept shop of The Treat Dressing, which is the parent company of Treat Maison. Starting next February, they’ll also be available in The Treat Dressing shops around the country.

No prices have been announced, but since these are designer dresses that are curated for each custumer, you can reasonably expect to pay a pretty penny to wear one of these amazing dresses. But if you tend to prefer drama in your fashion, then you wouldn’t expect any less, would you?

Source, images: PR Times
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