Move over dancing queen, here comes the “Campus Queen”!

Last Friday a digital photo book featuring four finalists from the Miss Campus contest was released in Japan.

The winners were chosen from a group of 12 young women representing their universities, and after the results were announced, all of the contestants were brought in to form the unit “Campus Queen”, the focus of the second installment of the Campus Queen Collection online photo series.


The first edition featured shots of the contestants in swimsuits along with interviews about the girls’ campus and love lives, and was so successful it prompted the recently released sequel, this time with contest participants modeling in formal kimono.

Finalist Ayaka Okada expressed her excitement about wearing furisode, colorful kimono worn by unmarried young women, commenting that women today rarely have an opportunity to dress up in one besides their Coming of Age Day celebration.

▼ Ayaka Okadacampusqueencollection2

Here are a few more sneak peeks of the girls posing behind the scenes:

The images quickly caught the Japanese public’s eye, and already the photo collection has climbed to the number one digital book spot on a number of online media sites.

For readers interested getting a glimpse of these lovely ladies dressed in beautiful kimono and seeing what all the hype is about, the book is available online at a major discount for only a few more days. A cheap buy at just 100 yen (US$0.83) until February 7, the price will changed to a fixed 800 yen afterward.

The digital photo collection can be found on Amazon Japan’s Kindle Store, Rakuten Kobo, and iBooks Store, among others under the title Campus Girls Collection -Haregi Special-.

Source: YouTube/BungeishunjuLtd, Kai-you
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