Young Thomas seems to be pulling a cargo of fashionable nightmares.

Japan has long had a love of photography, and so the country’s online youth has quickly and wholeheartedly embraced the selfie phenomenon. But as a nation that always values aesthetics, a number of beatifying face filter apps have come lockstep with the rise in smartphone snapshots.

One such app is BeautyPlus, originally developed by China’s Xiamen Meitu Technology Co., Ltd. With an emphasis on making eyes look bigger, cheeks rosier, and features more defined, the program mirrors many current makeup trends in Asia.

However, some might say the results don’t look particularly natural.


The heavily processed style of the resulting image can be a little unsettling, looking more like a drawing or model than a real person. So perhaps it was only a matter of time before Japanese Twitter user @tenzi9 decided to experiment with the cartoonish effects on a fictional character, choosing Thomas the Tank Engine as his test subject.

@tenzi9 claims that he took a picture of the life-sized Thomas train in Shizuoka Prefecture, then applied the BeautyPlus effects. The result was the blushing, brown-eyed locomotive seen on the right in his tweet. With long eyelashes, tight, defined eyebrows, and invitingly moist lips, Thomas looks ready to roll into Harajuku and munch on crepes with all the fashionable Tokyo high schoolers.

Honestly, this is the scariest we’ve seen Thomas look since he got his face cut off and stuck to a wall. So thanks for the laugh, @tenzi9, but if you could stick to using face filters to take lovely photos of fruits and vegetables, we’d all have fewer nightmares.

Source: Hamusoku, Twitter/@tenzi9
Insert images: iTunes/Xiamen Meitu Technology Co., Ltd.

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