LINE camera proves why it is so popular among high school girls.

We’ve seen the power of the Japanese photo and filter app LINE camera before when it transformed even the most grizzled of RocketNews24 writers into a kawaii masterpiece.

But just how powerful is LINE camera? Could it turn, say, a Daikon – a Japanese radish – into something beautiful? Thankfully Japanese Twitter user @yellowheart_sho asked that very same question, and provided the answer:

“I experimented on a daikon using the app that high school girls often use to make their skin look beautiful like in purikura.”


Well that is quite the before and after! All the spots, blemishes, and even that giant gash is gone. Even the wooden table got a brightening facelift too! Amazing.

A few other Twitter users chimed in with the results of their own experiments:

“Here’s what happened when I tried it on a tomato.
Seems like the color just changed.”


“Look what happened to my lotus root!
It turned into a potato!”


▼ More contrast = more beautiful, right?


Here’s how Japanese netizens reacted to the incredible smoothing-over power of LINE camera:

“All these years, I’ve been tricked! By a daikon!”
“That is amazing.”
“It looks like it was expertly washed.”
“This is why I never trust daikon when they send me selfies.”

And to think, we thought those photographs of sexy daikon were the real thing. Could they just have been lies filtered through LINE camera too? Sigh, all of our erotic vegetable dreams have been crushed.

Source: Twitter/@yellowheart_sho via hamusoku
Top image: PAKUTASO