Ain’t no party like a RocketNews24 Christmas party because a RocketNews24 Christmas party don’t stop…even if you pray it does.

It’s Christmas time again in Japan, when young couples go on strolls through dazzling illumination displays and friends gather to feast on fried or even roast chicken. RocketNews24 is no different, and this year every staff member has lined up a date for the holiday season.

Everyone except for our perpetually single reporter Seiji Nakazawa, that is. As the only member of RocketNews24 without a significant other or friend outside of the office, he was charged with holding the company Christmas party.

Finding a venue was tough since most places were already booked, but Seiji got a hot tip from one of his sources that the McDonald’s off Highway 8 had private rooms that were available. The best part was they didn’t even cost anything extra. He just had to make a reservation in advance!

When that special day arrived, all of the partygoers gathered on the dimly lit thoroughfare in front of the McDonald’s.

The private room was quite luxurious with glass walls and a nice big window overlooking Highway 8. In here everyone could feel a lot more relaxed than they would in regular seats, but hopefully the other customers wouldn’t get jealous!

However, this was a party and Seiji felt it was his duty to liven things up as soon as possible and make this a night to remember. He had prepared a bag of novelty goods that were sure to be a hit, such as the timeless Groucho Marx glasses and a triple party favor headband operated by a breathing tube that stretched down to the mouth.

With the ice successfully broken, Seiji then ordered some food. Since chicken is the traditional food of Christmas in Japan he ordered a 30-piece box of McNuggets available for 750 yen ($6.40) during the weekend* along with some Chicken Tatsutas. Hopefully there was enough for everyone.

It was nice to be with all of his friends, but Seiji couldn’t help but feel a little blue that he didn’t have a girlfriend during this time.

However, just then a Christmas miracle happened! Seiji’s old flame Jane entered the private room of the McDonald’s off Highway 8. At first Seiji wasn’t sure how to react. She had broken his heart so many years ago when she took that modeling job in the store window of Prada.

Ah, but who was he kidding? He had never stopped loving Jane, nor she him. They instantly reconnected and shared a cheeseburger just like old times.

Unfortunately, since this was a surprise, Seiji and Jane weren’t able to get each other Christmas presents. Good thing they were at McDonald’s though, because buying each other a Happy Meal is just like getting a present. You get that same rush finding out what toy is inside as you do opening gifts on a snowy Christmas morn in front of the fireplace.

Seiji: “Oh wow! It’s a… Hey look at that!”

Needless to say this party was a rousing success. The other attendees had unanimously declared Seiji and Jane to be the King and Queen of the RocketNews24 Christmas Party 2016.

Jane celebrated by balancing her Yo-Kai Watch toy on her head and making a funny face. Seiji couldn’t help but laugh and remember that it was that killer combination of looks and wit that had made him fall in love with her in the first place.

Looking around at all of his friends and his newly rekindled love affair, he thought that this really couldn’t have been a better Christmas. Seiji was sure that when he would tell his therapist about this night she would surely tell him that he is making significant progress.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

Restaurant information
McDonald’s (Fuji Kaido Shakujii branch) / マクドナルド(富士街道石神井店)
Address: Tokyo, Nerima-ku, Shakujiimachi, 7-17-2 (just off Highway 8)
Open 7:00 a.m.-11:00 p.m.

*Note: The 750 yen 30-piece McNuggets are only available from 23 to 25 December

Photos ©RocketNews24
Original report by Seiji Nakazawa
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