When they’re done holding your keys, let your anime keychains start a second career decorating your home.

If you’re a long-time anime fan, odds are you’ve at some point purchased a keychain shaped like one of your favorite characters. As a matter of fact, it’s likely you’ve obtained more than one, since in the modern era there’s a higher volume of charismatic character-centric Japanese animation being produced than ever before.

That presents a bit of a problem, though. Most of us only use one keychain at a time. Maybe you have a job where you also keep a second set of work keys together, but really, two is about as many keychains as just about anyone is likely to have in current use.

So what do you do with your old keychains when you move your keys over to a new one? Sure, they may by three-dimensional like other figures, but since they’re designed to hang from a strap, they aren’t balanced or stables enough to stand up on a shelf alongside to the rest of your plastic anime heroes and heroines.

Thankfully, there’s a display strategy display idea that’s both incredibly clever and incredibly cheap, and which requires only a few items items from popular discount retailer Daiso.


You’ll need a pack of metallic organizer rings, some compact yet “super strong” magnets, and a clear plastic containers. Since Daiso is a 100 yen shop, each item will only set you back 100 yen (US$0.85).

Once you’ve gathered your supplies, remove the figures from their original chains and cords, then thread the rings through the remaining openings on the prongs extending from their heads. Next, place the figures inside the case, position the magnets along the top of the lid, and just like that, the characters will appear to be standing straight up, thanks to the magnetic field tethering them to the top of the case.

While Daiso is based in Japan, the chain has expanded to numerous countries around the globe, and honestly you can probably find similar items at just about any home improvement center or hardware shop. So if you’ve got room in your heart for more anime characters than you have keys to assign to them, a quick trip to the store should have all you need to give your old keychains a new role decorating your living space.

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