Pikachu has trained its whole life for this moment to show off for you.

There’s just something magical about a giant Pikachu. It’s so cute and round and bouncy, and when a group of them are marching in unison or doing synchronized twirling, it’s impossible not to have twinkles in your eyes.

But when there’s just one giant Pikachu, it has to do something special to get your attention. And that’s exactly what one such Pikachu did at a Pokémon Center in Japan when it showed off how good it is at using the move “quick attack.”

Japanese Twitter user @an7pikapi posted the video:

▼ At 0:13 you can hear a woman announce that Pikachu
will use denko sekka (“quick attack”), and then oh does it ever!

Well that’s it, my Poké-heart just melted. The way it bounces from side to side, looking like it’s trying its best, and then how excited it looks at the end… it’s just too much!

Although if we have one nitpick, it looked way more like Pikachu was using agility than quick attack

▼ See what I mean? Skip to 1:28 to see Pikachu use agility.
Now if you’ll excuse me I need to adjust my glasses with one finger.

Here’s how Japanese Twitter reacted:

“Whaaaaat is this level of cute?! (Blood pours out of nose)”
“I now understand why Team Rocket wanted to steal Pikachu.”
“Pikachu’s all like, ‘Did I do a good job?! Did you like it?!'”
“I’m really impressed the person in the suit was able to pull that off.”

Agreed on that last point! When you’re in a giant Pikachu costume, even the smallest things can become nearly impossible, like going through a train station turnstile. Although to be fair, no matter whether you manage to pull it off or fail, it’s going to be cute either way.

Source, images: Twitter/@an7pikapi