This hilarious clip shows every detail of the unexpected event, including the moment the deflated Pikachu attempts to get back on stage.

If there’s one thing we love here at SoraNews24, it’s an outbreak of dancing Pikachus. This weekend, however, we discovered there’s something that’s even more riveting – the moment a performing Pikachu deflates and gets dramatically pushed off stage.

The unusual sight was caught on camera by an audience member at the Pokémon World Festival 2017, which was held in Songdo, South Korea, last week. The performance was going smoothly, with the cute Pikachu characters all smiling and dancing in unison, until the pointy ears of the lead Pokémon slowly began to droop, and suddenly all hell broke loose.

The deflation begins at 1:03 below:

You Can’t Stop the Beat” proved to be an appropriate song for the unusual incident, as the fourteen remaining Pikachu didn’t miss a beat after their lead dancer was forcefully carted away.

▼ We can’t help but wonder what went through the mind of the person in the Pikachu suit at this moment.

According to the uploader of the video, the white-shirted man who ran in and tackled the flailing Pikachu was actually a staff member who was attempting to take the character away to fix the deflated suit.

The staff member’s sudden sprint and forceful tackle, however, caught the attention of security staff who stepped in, assuming it was a security breach.

As the man in the suit attempted to pry the staff member away from the giant plush character, more security staff arrived, until it finally became apparent that they were in the company of an official staff member and not a deranged Pikachu fan.

Following the dramatic scuffle, the show went on, until suddenly, from the left-hand corner of the screen, the deflated Pikachu reappeared, now looking plumper and healthier than ever.

As the crowd cheered, the cute creature ran toward her fellow dancers in an attempt to make it in time for the final moments of the song. Once again, the excitement proved to be too much for this little Pikachu, as she quickly began to melt before everyone’s eyes, blowing her last chance to wow the crowd with her stellar dance moves.

Though she might’ve missed her big dancing break on the day, this Pikachu still managed to wow everyone in a different way, with her hilariously memorable performance.

News media outlets around the world have picked up on the humorous turn of events, and now people everywhere can’t stop talking about the poor deflated Pokémon! It’s at least the second-most embarrassing deflation of a giant, cute yellow creature that we’ve ever seen.

Source: The Verge
Images: YouTube/Green Lime