Warning: may induce a sudden urge to cook pancakes.

We’ve shared before how to make easy, epic pancakes in your rice cooker. But it seems like we forgot something, since recently Japanese Twitter user @majyokkorei posted a recipe for pancakes that includes a secret ingredient, supposedly making them even tastier.

What is that secret ingredient? It’s something that Japan is infamous for putting on many other foods you’d never expect.

Yup, it’s mayonnaise. We’ll let the chef do the explaining.

▼ With almost 100,000 retweets and over double that many likes,
it may sound crazy, but he’s probably onto something! (Recipe below)

▼ First mix one egg, 150 milliliters (2/3 cup) of carbonated water,
and two tablespoons of mayonnaise together in a pot.

▼ Add 150 grams of pancake mix, stir lightly, and heat over a low flame.
(Optionally add blueberries if you’re going for spooky Halloween pancakes.)

▼ Cook for about three minutes, flip, about two more minutes
on the other side, and you’re done.

▼ Add butter, syrup, jam, whatever you’d like, and enjoy!
The mayonnaise makes the pancakes fluffier, thicker, and juicier.

According to replies online, the carbonated water makes the pancakes come out crispier on the outside, and the mayonnaise triggers the gluten to make it expand more on the inside, more so than milk does.

Chef @majyokkorei also had a few other pointers:

“You need oil too. The best way to do it is to get the pot fully greased up, heat it up a bit, then take it off the heat and let it cool before pouring in the batter.”

“You can cook it in the pot until it’s almost ready. When you’re ready to serve it, if you’d like, put it in another frying pan, and heat both sides to brown them a bit.”

But the important question is: how do they taste? Thankfully Japanese netizens were ready on that front.

“I followed the recipe and made them in my rice cooker.
They were delicious! Thank you for the wonderful recipe!”

“I saw this tweet and immediately made them with my
three-year-old daughter. She was so happy and we loved them.”


“I used your recipe as a reference to make these. I didn’t get the amounts quite right,
and I burned them a little on the outside, but the inside was so fluffy. Thank you!”

“I made them! They were soft and spongy
and so good I thought I was gonna die.”


“I was shocked at how good they were!
I had too much free time and made them. They were delicious.”


“I couldn’t find a good enough pot, so they didn’t expand as much as yours,
but they were still as big as ones you’d get at the store. They were delicious!”


“I was really bad at flipping them, so I cut the mistakes
into shapes with a cutter. They tasted way better than they look.”


With such rave reviews, we’ll have to be giving these mayonnaise pancakes a taste test of our own sometime soon. Using mayonnaise may seem strange, but we were skeptical of miso pancakes too, and those basically forever changed our lives.

Source: Twitter/@majyokkorei via My Game News Flash
Images: Twitter/@majyokkorei