If Piko Taro bought one lucky bag this year, we sincerely hope it was this one.

After bursting onto the viral video scene in 2016, Piko Taro and his “Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen” hit song went from strength to strength, picking up a Guinness World Record, inspiring unique collaborations and even influencing Japan’s Kanji of the Year. Now in 2017, Japanese retailer Loft is keeping the PPAP theme alive with its New Year’s “Pineapple-Apple” fukubukuro, which lets customers choose between a bag of pineapple-themed goods or a bag of apple-themed items, all for the price of 2,000 yen (US$17.12).


Seeing as Loft is well-known for selling a wide variety of retail items, the PPAP theme gives them an excuse to put some otherwise random fruity-looking merchandise together in a New Year’s grab bag. According to the sign at the store (pictured above), Loft was also selling a “Poka Poka GO” bag for 3,000 yen, which included “Poka Poka” (“Body-warming”) items.

▼ We decided to purchase one of their pineapple bags, and when we got to see what was inside, we could just imagine Piko Taro clapping his hands together and grinning with glee.


▼ There was a pineapple-patterned iPhone case…


▼ A pair of socks featuring a cool pineapple wearing a pair of shades.


▼ And a yellow bendy pencil that would be just long enough to thread through a pineapple and an apple. It’s a shame this wasn’t a pen!


▼ The other items in the set included a bottle of pineapple juice and a nifty pineapple slicer.


Everything in the pack would’ve retailed for a total of 6,000 yen usually, but we got it all in the lucky bag for 2,000 yen. The price is so affordable that we hope Piko Taro himself was able to get his hands on one of these, even despite his reported lack of cash, although with these new goods to play with, it might lead to a whole new set of lyrics for PPAP!

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