We have a pen. We have a banana. Yeah, banapen!

When making art or writing a message, the only canvas we need is our imagination. Banana artist End Cape uses push pins to create epic art on the skin of bananas by puncturing specific parts of the fruit, which creates detailed areas of dark and light. However, that’s just one way to artify a banana. For those of us who’d rather avoid sharp objects, no matter how small, fruit magnate Dole has us covered!

This writing utensil is the first of its kind in Japan with one very specific purpose: to be used on the skins of bananas! No need to worry about the possibility of toxic permanent ink somehow seeping through the skin and ruining the delicious insides, because this innovative product uses pressure to create slight bruising and vinegar to change the color of the skin.

Everyone tells you not to play with your food, but no one told us we couldn’t write on it! There are so many possibilities with Banapen! Loving wife wanting to wish her husband a good day at work? Banapen! Caring fan wants to pass on words of encouragement at a sporting event, such as the Tokyo Marathon? Banapen! Secret spy needing to send a message to their handler in the field? Banapen!

▼  We have so many clever messages to write!

Even if you don’t want to write words, you can still decorate the banana peel to your heart’s content. The activity is doubly sweet because you get to enjoy a tasty snack after you’re finished! With Banana Day falling on August 7 each year, there’s still plenty of time to hone your bananart skills. Don’t worry about making a mistake – you can always eat the banana and compost the peel, so no one ever has to see your banan-error.

Featured image: YouTube/ドール(Dole)
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