Tokyo Marathon

Tokyo governor criticized for “unbelievable” rudeness of putting hands in pockets during ceremony

With midwinter-level cold and rain at the outdoor Tokyo Marathon awards ceremony, Yuriko Koike wanted to warm her hands, but started a firestorm.

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In the evolution of pens, a “banana pen” is the obvious next step

We have a pen. We have a banana. Yeah, banapen!

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“Glowing Man” brings smiles to the people of Tokyo while inspiring runners around the world

Early last week we published an article about an unidentified “glowing man” that was spotted on a midnight train in Tokyo. No one knew who he was or where he came from, but everyone on the train that night loved him. After just a few hours, our wonderful readers clued us in to the mystery man’s identity, and what would you know, the very next day we got a friendly email from the glowing man himself.

Joseph Tame is more than just a guy who wears a crazy costume. He’s hoping to unite strangers and break down barriers through the sport of long-distance running. And with the help of over 32 meters of LED lights, plenty of pink pinwheels (which he insists are wind turbines), and a social media rig straight out of a sci-fi flick, Joseph will unite the world this Sunday at the Tokyo Marathon where he’ll be live-streaming the entire race with the help of his homemade gear.

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Glowing man spotted on the last train home in Tokyo

Early this morning, a peculiar fellow was spotted riding the rails in Tokyo. Wrapped in layers of lights and adorned in pink pinwheels, he didn’t even bother sitting in the half-empty carriage. Just what was this glowing man doing on the last train home? The answer may surprise you.

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