Never again will you have to endure the shame of a slippery band-aid.

Japan has an interesting relationship with band-aids. Not only do they produce some of the cutest band-aids in the world, but they also use them for purposes other than wrapping up small cuts, such as using them to make their eyelids appear more round. A little creepy, but kind of cool.

But now it seems that Japan is yet again on the front lines of band-aid development, as this recent post by Japanese Twitter user @ponzuyo shows, racking up over 80,000 retweets in just a few days: (images go in downward order starting in upper left)

“So that I don’t forget this way
of putting on a band-aid that I learned.”

Just in case there’s any confusion, the method @ponzuyo is showing here is to cut the sticky part of the band-aid down to the cushiony part, and then wrap the cut pieces around your finger in a secure X shape.

This simple yet novel way of putting on a band-aid has a lot of benefits over the traditional “just wrap it around and move on with your life” method. First, it’s more secure, so it won’t just fall off. Second, it leaves less wiggle room for dirt and other undesirable foreign materials to get inside.

And third, all of that means less blood spilling out and onto your keyboard when you’re trying to work.

▼ Don’t you just hate it when your bandaged fingers
spill blood all over your “kill all” key? I know I do.

Here’s how Japanese Twitter reacted to this latest band-aid bulletin:

“This is a game-changer.”
“Dude, get on this now and start mass-producing them.”
“I’m a nurse and I do this sometimes! The band-aids never fall off.”

Well now we all have a great method for patching ourselves up after we’ve given our organs to our Valentine in a few days.

Source: Twitter/@ponzuyo via Togech