Honestly, I’m a bit terrified of Japanese fashion magazines, and some of the outlandish things they advertise. So when our sister site Pouch ran a piece about a special technique to achieve double eyelids that a popular Japanese fashion guide was advertising, I was a more than a little hesitant to read on, especially after seeing the photos from last time of Mr. Sato trying out the now infamous Eyelid Trainer contraption.

But curiosity eventually got the better of me, and it turns out that the trick uses a secret item that is not only inexpensive, but you probably already have it lying around. 

Japanese bookstores are always overflowing with glossy magazines featuring fresh-faced young celebrities with enormous eyes and doll-like skin. One flip through the magazines and you’ll see that every square inch of page is jam-packed with the latest fashion tips and do-it-yourself make-up advice, all arranged in a headache-inducing cutesy manner. You can find a fashion magazine for any fashion niche, too–including that terrifying Japanese cultural phenomenon known as gyaru [gal] style that took over parts of Tokyo in the 90s and early 2000s.

SCawaii!  is one such magazine which caters to young women of the gal variety. The magazine recently spawned a spin-off book with the ridiculously long title “SCawaii! Beauty vol.1: The book that will teach you how to make amazingly cute double eyelids like never before.” For 555 yen (US$5.41), it promises an easy technique for both beginners and experts to make double eyelids, which are often considered a standard of beauty in Asia and something for which many Asian women undergo cosmetic surgery to obtain.

▼We probably would’ve spent that money on something else (namely, food), but to each their own…


The book touts a secret “godly item” for making the desired double eyelid look, which happens to be an ordinary household item you probably already have in a drawer somewhere–a waterproof, transparent band-aid!

You “simply” need to cut off a curved strip from the edge of the band-aid and apply it to your lid (yes, your eyelid) with tweezers. It might take a few tries to get the hang of, but just follow these photos to see what amazing transformation awaits.






The thought of sticking or gluing anything to our eyelids (in the name of fashion or not) still terrifies us, but if any of our brave readers out there are willing to take on the challenge, let us know how the band-aids work!

Original article by Yumeno Usagi
Source/images: PR Times
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