Despite their tendency to cough up hairballs, bring us dead things, and ferociously defend tissue boxes, just what is it about cats that keeps us coming back for more?

If you’re one of the millions of ‘hoomins’ around the world who repeatedly fall prey to their cat’s ridiculous yet adorable antics and spend hours of your life reading kitty news or watching cat videos on YouTube, you’re probably the type who is willing to forgive your feline friend if it has a grumpy day every now and then. But what should you do when you receive an unfortunate scratch/wound/battle scar from the object of your devotion? We say you should advertise it to the world with one of these brand-new band-aids designed specifically for cat scratches!

The folks behind the cat lovers’ website Felissimo Nekobu have recently started taking preorders for their new set of adhesive band-aids designed for the express purpose of covering scratch wounds caused by your pet cat. The product name has been listed as nyansoukou, which is an obvious play on the Japanese words for band-aid [bansoukou] and the sound that a cat makes [nyan]. Luckily for us, the whole business idea actually came about by lucky chance when manga artist Yamano Rinrin, whose works often revolve around cats, posted the following message to Felissimo Nekobu’s Twitter account:

[Picture captions] ‘It would be nice if these bandages really existed…what do you think?’ ‘That guy…what’s over that cut he’s got…wait, it’s a CAT!!’
[Original tweet by @yamano_rinrin] ‘I always look forward to your cat-themed products! Recently I thought up the idea for these bandages. Would you be interested in them?’
[Response by @felissimonekobu] ‘Is it really OK if we make these!?’

And there you have it–a dream collaboration come to true!

The band-aids are decorated with Yamano’s adorable sketches of cats and funny messages, including: “I did this, you got a problem with that?”, “Forgive me,” “I sharpened my claws,” and “[cat footprint] This is a scratch given by a furry someone.” The six winning designs were chosen based on votes from over 500 of Felissimo Nekobu’s customers.

▼The complete set


▼The adorable nyaasu [nyan + nurse] illustration on the outside of the package was also drawn by Yamano.3

▼The six varieties of bandage up close:




▼How to hide your scratch in style!


You can now preorder the band-aids on Felissimo Nekobu’s official website (Japanese only, sorry). Each set includes 24 bandages (six types; four of each type), and costs 560 yen (US$5.14), tax excluded. The kits will be delivered sometime between the end of December and the end of January.

Source: IT Media
Images: Nekobu