The “P” in PPAP needs more power, passion and party!

Due to some cosmic event, Pikotaro and PPAP have become a viral sensation that have taken over the world. After all, how does a song about fruit and pens become so popular without the help of some otherworldly force?

But even though PPAP has become such a worldwide success, that doesn’t mean there isn’t room to make some improvements. So Pikotaro enlisted the help of a little robot named Musio X to improve his English pronunciation as well as include a bit more passion and party

You can watch the video here:

Things start off swimmingly for Pikotaro, but as soon as he gets to his signature lyrics, Musio X has some pointers to offer.


Power and passion we can understand – a good English actor truly enunciates his or her words.

▼ After all, enunciation is the mark of a good actor,
and when you enunciate, you spit!

However, how does one introduce more “party” into your song?

▼ For Pikotaro, it apparently means more emphatic hand waving,
more dancing and more smiling.


If nothing else, Musio X offers Pikotaro a slightly different way to present his palatable pen poem. There is no way that Pikotaro will ever forget such a unique English lesson. To native ears though, we kind of wish Musio X spent a bit more time focusing on the “l” sound in the word apple rather than the “p” in pen and pineapple.

▼ There is no distinction between “l” and “r” in the Japanese language.


With the recent news that Pikotaro has made absolutely zero yen from his hit song so far, we hope that by appearing in plenty of commercials he is on his way to rectifying that situation. If nothing else, with Musio X’s help, he is well on his way to becoming a great Shakespearean actor! Just imagine Pikotaro’s Hamlet, “To be or not to be”, as long as he doesn’t mix up the “b” sound with a “p” sound, it could be okay!

Source: PR Times