Los Angeles

There’s an Initial D-themed Fujiwara Tofu Cafe, but not in Japan【Taste test】

We check out the cafe the star of the street racing anime/manga franchise would have to get on a plane or boat in order to visit.

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Sasuke: Ninja Warrior may be coming to the Los Angeles Olympics in 2028

Doctor, I think I may be coming down with a case of Olympic-fever.

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Rising Japan MusicFest coming to LA this weekend, may have best yakitori in the world

New day in music festivals is rising.

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The Deep Matcha Matcha of Matcha-Cha, an awesome green tea sweets cafe in an unexpected place

An amazing place for lovers of green tea in the City of Angels.

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Half-Chinese woman undergoes extensive cosmetic surgery to become the next living Barbie doll

Born from the need to raise her self-esteem, this woman turned to plastic surgery to look more Caucasian.

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Los Angeles’s 2000-calorie XXXL Fatburger destroys our Japanese reporter on trip in the U.S.

What better way to remember your stay in the U.S. than with a heart attack?

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New Cardcaptor Sakura makes world premiere at L.A.’s Anime Expo, two months before Japanese debut

The City of Angels is going to be the City of Sakura this July.

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Norigami Tacos combines sushi and tacos into one crunchy culinary coupling【Pics】

Do you feel like Japanese or Mexican tonight? Let’s do both!

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Piko Taro is headed to LA for the 59th Annual Grammy Awards

Only the biggest names go to the hottest music award show of the year.

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Why are the Los Angeles Dodgers wearing the caps from Nagoya’s professional baseball team?

Is the storied L.A. franchise ripping off the uniform of the Japanese club, or is this just a case of “What goes around comes around?”

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K-Pop group Oh My Girl mistaken for sex workers, detained at LA airport

OMG, indeed.

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Star-struck American otaku run into Nicolas Cage while shopping for anime in L.A.

When you stroll into an anime specialty shop in the U.S., there are a couple of demographics you expect to see among the customers. Teenagers with brightly dyed hair. Thirty-somethings digging through discounted single-volume VHS and DVD releases for those elusive remaining episodes of Maison Ikkoku or Mobile Suit Gundam: The 08th MS Team. Maybe a handful of Japanese expats.

But if you happen to be shopping for anime goodies in Los Angeles, just a stone’s throw away from the world’s leading film studios, you also might spot a famous Hollywood actor, like these Californian otaku who ran into Nicolas Cage.

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Four Los Angeles “schools” closed for fraud, arranged visas for fake exchange students

It’s no joke that living and studying in the US costs a pretty penny. So, instead of paying the hefty tuitions of universities on top of living expenses, some young foreigners have been taking a sneakier route to staying in the States.

Recently some “students” have been opting for “institutions” like the four schools recently closed down for fraud in Los Angeles, which function under a “pay-to-stay” program, where the “students” basically pay for a student visa with no expectations of attending classes, wishing only to stay and work in the U.S.

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The City of Angels is now the City of Samurai with Los Angeles museum’s awesome armor exhibition

Like clockwork, every winter I get a serious bout of home-sickness. It’s usually triggered by a call or email from someone back home telling me about taking a drive with the top down, watching football on ordinary broadcast TV, going out for some Vietnamese sandwiches, or one of the other things I miss about life in Los Angeles.

“But,” I remind myself, “Japan has lots of cool things too! Where else can you go to the museum and see massive collections of samurai armor, huh?”

Oh, right now you can do that at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art? Touché, L.A.

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America has hot springs too! Our Japanese reporter puts one to the test

There’s no nation in the world that loves hot springs more than Japan. Known as onsen (lit. warm 温, and spring 泉), there are very few Japanese alive who could ever claim to having never taken a dip. If you’re tired, you head to the onsen; if you’re going on holiday, you visit an onsen; you go to the onsen to hang out with your friends, on a date, to relax with the family – anything is an excuse to strip off and let the hot water soak your aches, pains and worries away!

But onsen actually exist all over the world, even in America. Today our Japanese reporter Yoshio reports on his stay at a hot spring hotel in America, and his experiences in their natural sulfur spa. Let’s find out if the US’s version of the hot spa stands up to our reporter’s rigorous testing…

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A Recession Hit Mickey Mouse Photographed in LA Magically Mutilating Himself For Money

The other day, I was walking through sunny Hollywood on my way to a job when, right before my eyes, I spotted everyone’s favorite rodent, Mickey Mouse. I had met Mickey once before in New York, but now he looked different – a little gaunter.

Thinking, “something’s not right” I approached him to ask for a photo like I did in NYC.

“Okay! But don’t forget to tip! Haha!”

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