Piko Taro‘s comedy gets a fairy tale animation makeover.

Piko Taro, whose song Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen (PPAP) catapulted him to worldwide fame, has been managing to ride his celebrity status pretty well with TV appearances on Sesame Street and collaborations with other artists .

And Piko Taro’s next collaboration will be one of his most odd yet… and for him, that’s saying something. He’ll be mixing voice acting and ad lib comedy to create an animated version of, you guessed it, himself.

Piko Taro’s Lullaby Luullaby will feature the man himself sleeping outside,
with his eyes open, blowing snot bubbles made of dreams. Seems about right.


The animation is due to be broadcast this summer and will feature Piko Taro playing all the voice parts. He is one of the producers for the piece, alongside being responsible for the planning and the music, so we can probably expect it to contain some fruit-based comedy fare, possibly of the get-into-your-head-and-never-let-go variety that he’s so good with.

Piko Taro’s Lullaby Luullaby is based on a three-minute improv sketch by Piko Taro in the style of a fairy tale. The animation style is inspired by the work of animator Takashi Taniguchi, creator of such animated shorts as as Dappys and Mori no Ando.

Dappys, a short about… well… dappi-ing —
shedding your skin/cocoon and turning into someone new.

▼ And if that wasn’t horrifying enough for you,
Mori no Ando will be sure to satisfy.

Based on that precedent, we can surely expect something very interesting for Piko Taro’s Lullaby Luullaby.

Piko Taro has said that getting involved in animation has been a dream of his ever since he first started producing. He added that a normal animation wouldn’t be particularly Piko Taro-like, so we can be sure to get something a little unusual.

▼ Just looking at Piko Taro’s animated form is
enough to see that he’s already succeeded.

We’ll just have to wait and see if Piko Taro’s Lullaby Luullaby can live up to the man’s high standards. Will it end up like his “I Like Orange Juice,” or will it enjoy internet fame like “Pen Oppai (Breast) Oppai Pen?” Only time will tell.

Source: Cinema Today via Otakomu
Featured image: Twitter/@ga6ha