Drawing inspiration from an internationally beloved children’s book, chef creates a hybrid pancake/cookie.

We can still vividly remember the momentous day that we learned we can make pancakes in a rice cooker. Really, how could we forget? It’s a gastronomical development on the order of when man discovered that fire made meat taste better, or that with enough patience milk could transform into solid, edible cheese.

Since then, every time we find ourselves craving some pancakes, we have to ask ourselves “Do we use the rice cooker or the frying pan?” If we’re going for visual impact, the rice cooker usually gets the nod, but we’re getting tempted to bust out the frying pan again thanks to Japanese Twitter user @RainyRhythm27.

Drawing inspiration from classic Japanese children’s book Guri and Gura, in which a pair of mice discover a giant egg and use it to make a Japanese castella-style sponge cake, @RainyRhythm27 decided to pour as much pancake batter as could possibly fit into the pan. Next, she turned on the flame, set it to the lowest possible heat without extinguishing it, and waited.

The she waited some more.

Gradually, the pancake began to form, and after almost 20 minutes the batter began bubbling along its surface. @RainyRhythm27 then flipped the pancake over, cooked its other side for 10 more minutes, and finally her creation was finished.

The outer edge, she says, is crisp like a cookie, making it easy to eat with your hands. Meanwhile, the center of the pancake stays soft, spongy, and moist.


As seen in the tweet directly above, other Twitter chefs have already been inspired to follow in @RainyRhythm27’s footsteps, giving the frying pan a new lease on life in the pancake-cooking game.

Source: Twitter/@RainyRhythm27