Food, although mostly delicious, doesn’t always look beautiful. But what if food that was tasty also looked cool? Something as simple as the humble pancake, always delicious, was turned into some pretty wicked art by a few artistic chefs on the Internet. It’s definitely making us impressed and hungry!

There are many ways to create beautiful pancake art, but an easy way is to make normal pancakes outlined in chocolate. For example:


The steps to getting your own tiger pancake are very easy! Here’s what you need:

  • A picture that you want to replicate
  • Pancake mix
  • Eggs, Milk
  • Unsweetened cocoa, Water
  • A drawing utensil/tool


How to make beautiful pancakes!

  • Follow the instructions on the pancake mix to make the pancake batter.
  • In a separate bowl add 2 tablespoons of water and the unsweetened cocoa. Mix it until you get something with the consistency of thick syrup, runny is bad.
  • Add oil to a fry pan and heat slightly. Turn off the heat, and using the drawing tool, draw the outline/areas you want dark.


  • When finished, heat the outline for 1-2 minutes or until hard.


  • With a spoon add the pancake batter to the necessary areas.


  • Cook as you would a normal pancake.


  • FLIP! Add syrup, and other toppings as you like!


This is a great project to do for someone’s birthday or a special day such as Mother’s Day or Father’s Day. Think of how impressed they will be when your pancakes also show them how much you care!

One devoted dad does pancake projects with his two young children and even throws pancake parties. Who knows how many amazing pancake creations he’s made over the years!

pancakes 1

pancakes 2

As you can see, this dad’s pancakes only use the batter. He cleverly uses cooking time to add shading and definition to his food + art.

Although his technique is slightly different, with some practice and some forethought, even you can create some fantastic artwork with your food! Share your creations with us!

Images: imgur, YouTube
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