Is there anything they don’t have?

Now that the Nintendo Switch has been officially released, gamers all over the world are enjoying Zelda: Breath of the Wild and, uh, trying not to disturb sleeping controller-babies?

While you can just plug your Switch into the TV dock and play that way, one of the big features of the Switch is its portability. But if you want to set down the portable screen and play some games at a friend’s house, then you’ll need a stand of some sort, and the official Nintendo stand can be a little costly.

▼ I mean, it’s only about US$13, but we’ve been known to go to lengths far
beyond what any human would deem reasonable to save a few bucks

Sure, $13 isn’t a huge deal, but if you can get the same thing for only 100 yen ($0.88) then hey, why not, right?

Japanese Twitter user @spica_esper recently posted what they found at a 100 yen store and it quickly caught the attention of the internet:

“I didn’t know if I should buy an official Switch stand, but the 100 yen store mini-easel is perfect. If you just cut it a bit you can even charge it, and most importantly it’s cute.”

Now that is some impressively creative cheapskate thinking!

Mini-easels (as well as other art supplies) are staples of Japanese 100 yen stores. Since the Switch screen is so thin, the easel easily supports it, and you can just sit there and bask in the glory of the $12 you saved. That’s enough to order a pizza for everyone… or just yourself. That’s cool too.

@spica_esper’s inventiveness inspired several others who immediately did the same thing:

“The size is perfect and it was so cheap. (I spray painted it black
to match the console.) Thank you for the idea!”

If purchasing a Nintendo Switch and games has brought your bank account to almost nothing, then at least now you can have a way to play portably and propped up without going into the negative. Just be sure not to play for too long in one sitting or you may start to experience some weird hallucinations in real life.

Source: Twitter/@spica_esper via My Game News Flash