Fans have been waiting since the game’s 2014 announcement for a sneak peak at Nintendo’s new Zelda project, and we doubt they’ll be disappointed!

Nintendo just unveiled the first trailer for the nineteenth release of the Zelda series, Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and it looks absolutely gorgeous!

“Open your eyes… Open your eyes, Link!”

The new game, which was first announced back in 2014, was originally slated for release in 2015 and then again this year, but due to delays it was ultimately decided that the game will finally come out next year on both the WiiU and the yet-to-be-revealed NX platform.

According to official Nintendo commentary, Breath of the Wild takes place some hundred years after where Twilight Princess ends, and is set in an new, open world atmosphere. Not only are the graphics and music beautiful, many netizens say the game’s elements shown in the trailer remind them of Studio Ghibli, although this might be intentional, since Nintendo says it would eventually like to expand into the animated movie industry in the future.

A number of netizens commented that they’d been waiting for a free-style installment like this for years, and in the new game players must help Link wander and explore different worlds as he picks up items and fights off enemies. His ultimate quest is to defeat the big, bad Calamity Ganon before it breaks free from the magic that sealed it within Hyrule Castle a hundred years prior.

The only problem is that now that we know how good the games looks, the anticipation will be that much more excruciating for fans that have already been waiting two years to play it.

Source: YouTube/Nintendo Official Channel via Byoukan Sunday
Feature/top image: YouTube/Nintendo Official Channel