This Japanese daddy found a genius scheme for a harmonious family life.

Strap in and brace for the warm fuzzies! Or possibly the cynical snarkies. Today we bring you a sweet tale of family harmony. Or possibly a nefarious yarn detailing the machinations of a genius manipulator.

Anyway,  when a Japanese wife and mother recently shared a few anecdotes about her husband’s unusual brand of parenting and husband-ing on Twitter, it struck a chord with many readers. Let’s dive right in to the tweets.

When my husband returns from his business and asks “What did you do today?” and I respond with “Nothing”, he always says, “That’s nice! You took some time to relax.” And when he asks our eldest daughter “When are you going to do your homework?” and she replies “Later!” he always says, “That’s splendid – you’re able to set your own schedule.” Whatever we throw at him, he returns it with praise.

“When I’m working hard on housework, he always praises me by saying, “That’s splendid! You’re admirable!” which makes me so happy I work even harder. And then make myself unwell! This man is going to kill me with compliments… Anyway, I made a deal with myself to take it easier, but when I do that, he says, “You’ve really got your routine down!” and praises me again!”

Commenters were quick to respond with praise of their own for the man’s sunny outlook on family life, pointing out that praising others for the way they do things right, a.k.a. positive reinforcement, works much better than criticising them for doing things wrong.

Of course, the trick with this particular style of personal relations lies in seeming as genuine as possible, lest others sniff a hint of sarcasm or irony behind your flattery. Clearly, Papa has his routine down, too.

What do you think – genuine or evil genius?

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Top image: Pakutaso