Also serves as a reminder to his son to be careful what he wishes for, because he just might get it.

It’s a big moment in a parent’s life when their child gets their first adult, full-time job. After years of needing economic support (and possibly help getting out of bed in the morning), their little baby is finally ready to spread his or her wings as a new member of grown-up society.

So when Japanese Twitter user @matthew__37 landed a job, his dad was understandably happy for his son, and wanted to do something special to congratulate him. “How about if I buy a cake?” offered Dad, which got an enthusiastic “Yes, please!” from @matthew__37.

To sweeten the deal, Dad even offered to have it personalized with a message written in chocolate. “What should I have them write on it?” he asked, but apparently @matthew__37 was simply happy about the prospect of dessert, so he casually, noncommittally repliedNandemo ii” (何でもいい), Japanese for “Whatever.”

And when Dad came home with the promised cake, what did it say?


“That’s not what I meant…” @matthew__37 tried to explain, before being cut off by a roar of amused laughter from his mom.

To the baker’s credit, the cake is beautifully prepared, right down to the clean, elegant handwriting spelling out “Whatever.” Even the strawberries topping it look to be fresh and high-quality, so this is clearly a case of a talented culinary professional giving maximum effort to deliver even a wishy-washy message. And while Twitter commenters didn’t get to taste it for themselves, they too were satisfied by this dessert, bestowing well over 100,000 likes upon Dad’s sense of humor.

This time he was funny,” tweeted @matthew__37 in a follow-up, suggesting that he doesn’t always share his father’s taste in comedy. Still, if nothing else we can see for sure that Dad is proud of his son and a good listener too (maybe even too good). Plus he seems pretty adept at making the love of his life laugh, so it sounds like he’s not just a good father, but a pretty good husband too.

Source, featured image: Twitter/@matthew__37
Top image: Pakutaso