FFC-Acrush is sparking all kinds of crushes, no matter who you are.

For decades the pop industry has built boybands and girlbands that feature plenty of eye candy, so fans are able to choose their favorites. This method is being milked to its limit in some Asian countries, especially China, where a potential billion fans lay waiting for the next big thing to show up.

And now in China, Zhejiang Huati Culture Communication Co. Ltd is debuting a new line-up that the world hasn’t really seen before, five fashionable boys who are actually girls. And judging by the reaction so far, the fans are absolutely loving them.

▼ Introducing the members! There’s Lu Keran (陆柯燃)


▼ An Junxi (安俊浠)


▼ Min Junqian (闵俊千)


▼ Peng Xichen (彭兮辰)


▼ And lastly Lin Fan (林凡)


The group FFC-Acrush was introduced to the world at a “husband exhibition”, where the term “husband” is a word that female fans generally use for their favorite male pop idols. However the group prefers the term 美少年, which may use the same characters as bishonen (“beautiful boy”) in Japanese, but is pronounced meishaonian in Chinese and means something closer to a more general “handsome youth.” This helps the group avoid using gendered pronouns, plus the girls are forbidden to disclose their own sexual preference.

Even so, this handsome group is already making huge waves with their fans that number over 880,000 on Chinese social networking site Weibo, and they haven’t even released a music video yet!

▼ Be sure to click through all the photos!


Maybe they are connecting with fans through their unique name where the FFC stands for “fantasy football connection.” The company behind the new group plans on rolling out three more bands all with the FFC tag attached to their names and maintains that every member will be skilled at football (“soccer” in the U.S.).

▼ So they have to sing, perform, and be good at football?
The requirements to being a pop star are just getting harder!


Ask anyone in the biz, music is tough to do, so if FFC-Acrush is able to rise to the top with their unique style, then all the more power to them

Hopefully they will get the same positive reaction and more when they release their first single, but if their music isn’t your cup of tea, there are always plenty of other groups waiting for your attention.

Source: Shanghaiist
Featured image: Instagram/ffc_acrush