Fans are adamant that these twins should be at the forefront of the Korean idol world.

It’s said that two are better than one, and when it comes to twin Korean dancers Young Deuk and Young Don, they definitely make a strong case for it. Part of YG Entertainment, a major entertainment company in South Korea, it’s impressive that the two are noticed at all considering they aren’t the focus of the acts they dance for.

Billed as backup dancers, they’ve been anything but in the background lately, as they seem to have a huge fan base of their own. After a head-turning photo spread for MadHatter underwear, the public has come to a consensus, let them become idols themselves!

▼ Say hello to Deuk and Dony!

▼ The popular underwear photo shoot that got them some attention.

▼ Wonder what they’re looking at…

It’s easy to see their appeal, chiseled muscles, really cool hair and some bad ass tattoos, plus there are two of them! All the twins need is a modicum of singing talent, and they could be the next superstars of the K-pop world.

Even if they don’t possess a strong set of pipes, just surround them with three other talented vocalists, but let the Young twins be the face of the act. This fictional group’s rise to fame practically writes itself!

▼ It’s amazing that both brothers became professional dancers.

▼ You can’t always walk around with your shirt off.

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▼ Or actually…

▼ They also have an adorable side.

▼ They appear just before the 1:00 mark in this Psy music video.

If the brothers can’t break out in their home country of Korea, perhaps they need to wait for their contract to expire and then take a chance on the numerous competition dance shows around the world. So You Think You Can Dance is likely to return for its 14th season this summer. Any chance they can get a work visa for the U.S. by then?

Until then we will have to be content scouring the YG Entertainment shows for their next appearance, biding out time watching K-pop music videos filled with unicorns and rainbows, or Korean idols pulling off the most badass archery-hairflips the world has ever seen!

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