Survey says more sixth graders in Japan aspire to work in medicine this year than last year

Perhaps thanks to the coronavirus, many kids might have a newfound respect for doctors and nurses.

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Newest boyband out of China has gender-bending twist, hundreds of thousands of adoring fans

FFC-Acrush is sparking all kinds of crushes, no matter who you are.

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A manly affair: celebrating Valentine’s Day at a Japanese all-boys school

In a country where girls traditionally give chocolate to boys on Valentine’s Day and the boys returning the favor exactly one month later on White Day, February 14 in Japan has got to be a pretty lonely day for the young men who attend all-boys schools.

But it turns out that those boys may not suffer through such a bleak holiday after all. Take a look at these pictures and see how some students at Japanese boys’ schools celebrated Valentine’s Day this year, minus the girls!

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