His name alone is turning more heads than his acute sense of feline fashion.

There’s something about cats and fashion that go together so well. Even if it’s as simple as a knitted scarf around the neck, cats have a knack for pulling off amazing fashion statements without lifting a paw.

Like one Vietnamese Scottish Fold, who ironically is named “Dog”, that has been making the rounds on the Internet for his grouchy face and adorable costumes. His owner is Le Quoc Phong, a fishmonger who hopes Dog’s status as the most stylish cat in the neighborhood will pull in more customers to sample fresh seafood.

▼ “I am but a simple sea cat-ptian.
Sailing the world in my, uh, bowl.”


▼ “Buy something, human, or I’ll bite.”


▼ “A shrimp a day keeps the fleas away.”


▼ “Respect the sea, and one day you’ll be able to catch
these beauties with just your bare paws. Like I do.”


According to Le Quoc Phong, three-year-old Dog loves dressing up in various attire for his 13,900 fans on Facebook. We suspect the ambitious feline is trying to take on the modeling world, and looking at his impressive list of cute wardrobe selections, Dog’s pathway lies right ahead of him.

▼ Styling like a pro…


▼ …and rapping away like MC Dog.


▼ “Surrender all kitty treats this instant…”


▼ “…or you’ll be walking the plank and sleeping with the sharks tonight.”


No look is impossible for Dog, and no fashion item too absurd… even potentially a kitty-eared hoodie.

It’ll likely get too hot in these costumes as spring rolls around in Vietnam, but we can likely rest assured that Dog’s outfit for the warmer months will be meticulously planned out by his loving owner.

Source: Instagram/dog1501, Facebook/Le Quoc Phong via NextShark
Featured image: Instagram/dog1501