rainbow 1

They’re definitely working the moon prism power.

Korean idol group Rainbow is representative of the natural phenomenon they’re named after, a group of seven girls with a color designated to each one of them. Their different hair and eye colors, combined with the signature K-pop flare, make them a very eye-catching group.

This week, they’ve been trending online due to a group photo where instead of focusing their fashion on the colors of the rainbow, they looked more like Sailor Moon’s Sailor Senshi.

The online community was quick to comment on the picture saying that they’re undeniably cute in the Sailor Moon-esque outfits and expressing hopes to see them transform into their combat costumes. The picture was followed by a performance of their new song “Whoo” on SBS TV Korea, where the team made sure to strike a dramatic pose.

▼ Rainbow’s performance on SBS Inkigayo

There are plenty of worse role models than Sailor Moon to choose from, and with the resurgence of the show in pop culture recently, you can’t blame Rainbow for showing off some Pretty Guardian love. Follow more of their antics on their members’ Instagram pages and keep an eye on their music with their official YouTube page…in the name of the Rainbow!

Source: Aol News.
Top image: Instagram/cho_hyunyoung