Because Sriracha was so last year.

Whether you are a hipster foodie or just passionate about condiments, you will want to take a look at new Japanese company MySauceFactory, which promises to make you an absolutely unique customized sauce using all natural, domestically sourced ingredients.

The company’s simple-to-use Internet ordering system starts with choosing from seven base sauces. Ponzu vinegars are available in several native Japanese citrus varieties, including kabosu, sudachi, yuzu and daidai. There are two types of Japanese-style onion dressing, one standard and one with flaxseed oil. Then, for the meat lovers, there’s yakiniku sauce.

▼  Mr. Sato probably could have used some special sauce that time he ate a Whopper with 100 slices of onion.

Once you’ve chosen your sauce, on the next page you get to customize it by turning certain aspects of the flavor profile up or down and by adding or subtracting ingredients.

In the example below, you can customize a yuzu ponzu by adjusting the soy sauce, yuzu juice, acidity and sweetness, as well as adding the taste of katsuo (bonito) and konbu seaweed. Each category goes up to 13 because, you know, they wanted to do Spinal Tap one better.

Once you’ve customized your sauce, you confirm whether you would like a 100-milliliter (3.4-ounce) or 200-milliliter bottle, and then you are ready to pay. The cost depends on how you customize your sauce, but generally seems to range from about 600 yen to 1000 yen (US$5.40-8.90) per bottle.

You can get started on making your custome sauce on MySauce Factory’s website right here. As with all mail-order products, you will have wait for it to be shipped, but in the meantime, perhaps a chocolate and catsup demi-glace would please your palate?

Top, insert image: MySauceFactory
Mr. Sato image: ©RocketNews24