The well-known duo take us on a spectacular journey to some of Japan’s most famous sites, complete with some gorgeous Sailor Moon cosplay.

With 4.6 million followers on Instagram, Murad Osmann has become well-known around the world for his amazing #followmeto photo collection. The project first began in 2011, when Osmann released a series of photos showing his girlfriend, Natalia Zakharova, leading him by the hand towards some of the world’s most stunning destinations. The now-married couple have continued to use this signature pose in their photos over the years, adding to their expansive collection of images most recently with an amazing trip to Japan.

▼ Here the couple venture out into Akihabara, with Natalia cosplaying in a Sailor Moon outfit.

While she’s most famous for her back and extended left hand, which feature prominently in her husband’s stylised photos, Natalia faced the camera for this photo on her Instagram account, with the self-professed Sailor Moon fan showing off her dream cosplay outfit.

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Moon Prism Power, Make Up! Always dreamed to say that! :) “Saylor Moon” is my favorite anime, I remember being a kid and running home after school in order to catch the new episode on TV! So when Murad suggested trying on a Japanese cosplay costume, I picked this one without thinking twice. Watch the video on YouTube channel to see how it all turned out (link in bio). And which superhero you would choose to be? Photo by @chiaoking 🌎🌍🌎Лунная призма, дай мне силу! Всегда мечтала это сказать!;) «Сейлор Мун» – мой любимый мультик, помню, как после школы бежала домой, чтобы успеть посмотреть очередную серию! И, когда Мурад предложил мне окунуться в японский косплей и переодеться в известного персонажа, я не задумываясь выбрала этот костюм. Что из этого вышло, смотрите на нашем YouTube канале (ссылка в профиле). А вы бы каким супергероем хотели стать?

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▼ While in Tokyo, the couple also paid a visit to Senso-ji in Askausa.

Natalia and her friends rented a yukata for the occasion, attracting a lot of attention from passers-by.

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#followmeto a dazzling world of Japanese culture! One of the most significant places in Tokyo – Senso-ji Temple. This ancient Buddhist temple is located right in the heart of Tokyo. The energy of this place is unbelievable! However it was extremely hard to take #followmeto photo here, mostly because it is also a popular tourist destination. So, our small group (including me, Murad, and cute women in kimono) attracted a lot of attention! Check our video ( link in bio) #следуйзамной в удивительный мир японской культуры! И я с подружками 😂 . Одно из самых сильных мест в Токио — храм Сэнсо-дзи. Это древнейший буддистский храм в японской столице. Здесь царит невероятная энергетика! Но сделать фотографию в стиле #следуйзамной было очень сложно, потому что помимо прочего это еще и самая популярная достопримечательность в Токио. А наш квартет (Мурад, я и эти милые женщины в кимоно) привлек еще больше внимания!

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Kimono became my biggest challenge in Japan. This garment develops patience, stamina, resistance and the desire of moving as less as possible. It looks light but weights more than 6 kilograms! And the belt – obi is wrapped so tight it is hard to breath! The saying “Beauty is a cruel mistress” was probably invented by Japanese geishas. Моим главным испытанием в Японии стало кимоно. Одеяние, развивающее в женщине терпение, выносливость, почти солдатскую стойкость и желание как можно меньше двигаться. На вид оно такое легкое, а на самом весит больше 6 килограмм! А пояс оби так сильно перетягивает легкие, что почти невозможно дышать! Выражение «Красота требует жертв», наверняка, придумали японские гейши.

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▼ In Kyoto, they went for a stroll through the enchanting bamboo forest in Arashiyama.

While their photos perfectly capture all the beauty and wonder of a trip to Japan, the pair have also released a video that shows more of what they got up to during their visit.

Check out the gorgeous clip below:

The couple, who were in Japan in September of last year, visited a number of other famous sites during their stay, including Shibuya’s scramble crossing, Shinjuku’s Robot Restaurant, the vermillion gates at Kyoto’s Fushimi Inari Taisha, and the Japanese rock garden at Ryōan-ji, which can all be seen in the video above.

Hopefully they’ll be uploading more photos from their trip soon, because we can’t wait to see what these sites look like with the couple’s famous #followmeto hand-holding pose in the foreground. If they’re anything like the other photos in their collection, they’ll definitely inspire us to set out and explore the beauty of the country!

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Featured image: Instagram/muradosmann