These legs turned heads on the weekend as they ran on the wind like a character in a video game.

For all the advancements made in video game production and technology, there’s still always a chance of encountering a glitch or two somewhere during gameplay.

We’ve had a good laugh at some of these computer-generated errors in the past, with Final Fantasy characters appearing with their top halves poking out of car dashboards, and fighters disappearing mid-air in Street Fighter, and while we’d never expect to find these physics-defying stunts in real-life, it turns out that one Twitter user chanced upon something very similar to a glitch while out and about in Japan on the weekend.

While this looks just like an anime game character flying through the sky without the top half of its body, there’s actually a logical explanation for the sight. Take a look at the video taken by @maho_tohno below:

As the legs float toward the camera, it becomes obvious that this is actually a kite! Filmed at Senbonhama in Shizuoka Prefecture, the unusual-looking figure in the sky turned heads on the weekend as it glided on the wind, kicking about in its shorts, shoes and socks, and giving viewers an eyeful as it came to face them feet-on.

▼ After the glorious event, however, the legs looked a little deflated from all that flying.

Here’s what Twitter users had to say about the unusual scene:

“It looks like half of it has entered a wormhole into another dimension.”
“Wow – I’ve never seen anything like it before!”
“I’ve heard they sell kites like this overseas.”
“Before I played the video clip I could’ve sworn this was a bug in a game!”

The colour of the sky and the angle of the sun in the video really help to enhance the scene, making even the background look like a hand-drawn artwork.

Given that the clip’s attracted so many likes and retweets online, it might be only a matter of time before we get to see even more anime-style glitches take to the sky in future!

Source, images: Twitter/@maho_tohno