Graphical glitches turn Pokémon Masters mobile game into mind-flaying horror story【Video】

Some people say Pokémon is an RPG, but maybe it’s really a horror game.

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Bug-riddled Olympics game has Japanese Twitter in stitches with all of its glitches 【Video】

If hilariously bad game programming were an Olympic sport, this game would grab gold.

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Anime legs fly high in the sky, look just like a video game glitch come to life in Japan【Video】

These legs turned heads on the weekend as they ran on the wind like a character in a video game.

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Final Fantasy XV’s latest bug is as hilarious as it is physics-defying【Video】

The last round of glitches was traumatizing for players, but this one looks like it’s worse for the game’s characters themselves.

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Final Fantasy XV’s latest playable demo is full of hilariously terrifying bugs【Photos, videos】

Gamers report that bizarre fused characters and man/machine hybrids appear while sometimes the entire ocean does not.

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One of the hottest video games has some hilarious glitches

The latest game in Ubisoft’s flagship “Assassin’s Creed” series, “Assassin’s Creed Unity,” was released this week. And so far, it’s been anything but smooth sailing.

Right away players reported a bunch of glitches which almost made the game unplayable.

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