Brand-new name, same great news from Japan and Asia!

Ten years ago, RocketNews24 published its first Japanese-language article, and two years later we welcomed a new addition to the family. When our English website launched in 2009, it existed exclusively to translate articles from our Japanese sister site, but over time we’ve expanded the amount of English-language content we produce while maintaining a focus on fun, weird, and intriguing news from Asia, particularly Japan (where our English-language site is based).

Because of that, we’ve decided to give the English-language RocketNews24 a very special eighth-birthday gift: the new name of SoraNews24.

Sora is the Japanese word for “sky,” representing our commitment to bringing coverage of modern and traditional culture from Japan and Asia to people around the world, no matter which part of the sky we share that you happen to be living under.

As we put the final touches on our new site, you might see remnants of our old name, RocketNews24, here and there, but we’re gradually sweeping the corners and dusting off the cobwebs to bring SoraNews24 to you as smoothly as possible.

A great writer (we think it might have been Mr. Sato) once said that “a rose by any other name would smell as sweet,” so while we may have a new name, rest assured that our content will remain as pleasingly fragrant as ever. Thank you all for reading RocketNews24, and welcome to SoraNews24!