While most of the articles you find on our lovely site are about Japanese news–be it current events in the anime world or photos a hundred years old–sometimes we like to just kick off our shoes and have some fun too.

For example, four of our colleagues from the Japanese side of the site (great for reading practice in case you’re studying the language!) decided to make these, shall we say unique Vine videos. We won’t say that they’re the weirdest thing you’ll see today…but only because we never know when some deep sea divers are going to find new, bizarre fish.

Watch below as four of our esteemed Japanese colleagues each put on a six-second show for your (and their own) amusement.

“Wait, what the hell did I just watch?” you’re probably asking right now. The answer to your question is “a perfectly punny joke.” Puns, as you may know, make up a large bulk of Japanese humor–and the language certainly lends itself to such humor thanks to its numerous onomatopoeia. In this case, it helps to know that “Vine” is pronounced “bah-een” (バイン) in Japanese and that the sound effect for breasts bouncing is Boh-een (ボイン). “Ah sore sore sore” doesn’t have any particular meaning–it is, however, commonly chanted at festivals and during traditional group dances.

We’re still not sure what to call this. The “Vine Boin” is a bit ambiguous and the “Vine Boob Bounce” might be a bit too on the nose. Perhaps the “Vine Boin Bounce” is the best name for what we’re sure is soon to be the latest dance craze. Either way, we’d gladly pay Snoop Dogg to turn this into a club hit…

Aside from Mr. Sato, who you’re already probably familiar with and is featured in the first two videos, the other three handsome gentlemen are: Wasai, above, a writer for the Japanese site, Yoshio, below, a writer and editor for the Japanese site, and Shinomiya, at the bottom, who works in business operations.

▼He may try to tell you that this isn’t part of his job description. He’s lying.

Alright, dear readers, now that we’ve shown you our best Vine Boin Bounce dancing, it’s your turn. If you are brave (or perhaps foolish) enough to join in the fun, post a link to your vine videos below! It’s not a competition…but the best video wins!

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