Your favorite classics now in coaster form!

Benelic, operator of the “Donguri Kyowakoku” chain of stores, recently brought you Studio Ghibli goods such as pattern-changing umbrellas, No Face piggy banks, wind-up toys and even character tea collections.

In March 2017, Benelic added a new series of coasters to their already awesome lineup, featuring some of our favorite Studio Ghibli characters. Seen in the top image, we have coasters of Jiji, the faithful cat companion of Kiki in Kiki’s Delivery Service, as well as Calcifer, the mysterious fire demon from Howl’s Moving Castle. The Jiji coaster measures 9 by 15 centimeters (3.5 by 5.9 inches), while the Calcifer coaster comes in at 10 by 11 centimeters.

Next up are coasters of the lovable bear-like forest spirits from My Neighbor Tororo; king-of-the-forest big Totoro and medium-sized Totoro. The big Totoro coaster measures 12 by 13 centimeters and the medium-sized Totoro measures 12 by 12.5 centimeters. Little pom-pom tails are attached to these Totoro coasters too! Last but not least is a coaster depicting the Soot Sprite from the critically acclaimed Spirited Away, and this time, instead of carrying a piece of coal, it’ll be looking after your mug of coffee instead.

These coasters are made from 100% wool, painstakingly stitched by hand in Nepal, and can be purchased online from the Donguri Kyowakoku website for 1,300 yen (US$11.50) each.

▼ Nepalese workers adding finishing touches on some Calcifer coasters

If anything, these coasters are so adorable and carefully crafted that buyers may feel hesitant about placing their mugs of coffee or tea on them. And that’s fine too, since they can decorate their rooms with them or collect the entire set for display. They make great presents for friends when paired with an accompanying mug as well.

Source: Donguri Kyowakoku via Ghibli World and PR Times
Images: PR Times