Do these things really work? Let’s find out!

Wisdom comes with age, as the adage goes. Rather than looking like a wizened Gandalf, wouldn’t it be great to maintain healthy-looking skin as supple as a baby’s? But let’s face it: weather, UV rays, smoking, and even delicious junk food interfere with our never-ending quest for beauty.

Lately, our reporter Go Hattori felt that his skin had become rather pale and sallow. Gone were the days of healthy pink rosy cheeks and radiant smiles. Considering this directly affects the well-being of his alter-ego, Ray, improving his complexion would let him kill two dried-out birds with one stone.

Go’s weapon of choice was a facial massage roller, which was to be applied for ten minutes every day for two weeks.

・The 2,500 yen roller
Go (a healthy 37-year-old male) decided on a facial massage roller he bought off Amazon two years ago. Called the Dr. Aires Germanium Mirror Ball Beauty Roller Shine, the name of the roller model is a bit of a mouthful, but at 2,500 yen (US$22.20), it doesn’t cost a bomb like its swanky competitor ReFa CARAT, and Go reckoned that since they both have two heads, they should achieve the same effect.

▼ This can double as a shiny weapon too.

・Ten minutes for two weeks
Gamers would no doubt go for the foolproof, albeit painful, up-up-down-down-left-right-left-right technique when using the roller. But Go’s not a gamer, so he opted for a systematic approach of rolling the massage device along his clavicle, neck, jaw to ears, cheekbones to ears, and then back to the neck again.

Our plucky reporter aimed to perform this ritual for more than ten minutes every day for about two weeks, and though he absentmindedly skipped a day or two as he got used to his new beauty routine, it wasn’t long before Go’s daily facial massage became a natural part of his regular daily activities.

▼ Go massaged himself with the roller for two weeks while watching TV and surfing the Internet.

▼ And after two weeks of hard work

Well what do we have here? You may not immediately notice the difference at first glance, but if you stare at the “after” picture long enough, you can just make out Go’s improved complexion. What you are seeing is hopefully the beginnings of a healthier and more supple skin.

The colors of Go’s face, lost in the sands of time, have returned at last. Although the “after” picture was taken directly after a massage session, our reporter was confident that his skin had been revitalized and reinvigorated.

・Comparing the days when the roller was used or not
In Japan, a small face is widely regarded as beautiful. If Go keeps up his daily massages, he may just achieve a smaller face indeed! One thing that stood out in our reporter’s mind during the whole two-week experiment was the fact that he felt completely refreshed on the days when he used the roller. As the saying goes, beauty is more than skin deep; your mental health is just as important!

Go’s massage routine during those two weeks involved spreading some oil on his face, followed by a ten-minute massage. He usually gave his face a rinse to remove the oil before applying a beauty gel, occasionally finishing up with a mask.

▼ Go pampering himself

Your complexion might just improve using this massage device. Go normally goes without makeup, but he thinks that the rolling massage will be great for people who do, particularly if they fit it into their daily routine.

▼ Here’s Go Hattori using the facial roller for two weeks.

・Hard work does pay off
For one such as Go, who doesn’t usually have to worry about makeup, it was a long and arduous journey indeed. Our fearless reporter resorted to writing Swahili (the language used in Kenya and Tanzania) proverbs during the times when he needed it most, particularly this one: “Chururu, si ndo, ndo, ndo!” which shows that something constant is more preferable to something that comes only once, even if it’s in great amounts.

Wise words, Go! He’s a sage without age, a jingle without a wrinkle! Especially now that he’s experienced the benefits of using facial massage rollers firsthand.

Images: ©SoraNews24
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