Pokémon Virtual Fest’s list of rides and attractions will grow as visitors complete missions with friends.

2020 isn’t exactly the best year for theme parks, what with the whole coronavirus pandemic. You have to “scream inside your heart” on roller coasters, Tokyo Disneyland has cancelled Christmas, and Universal Studios Japan’s Super Nintendo World zone has had its opening pushed back from summer 2020 to…well “someday” is about as specific as it is right now.

But there is one piece of happy news, with the announcement of a Pokémon theme park set to open later this month.

That sounds too good to be true, but it’s actually just too good for the physical world, because this theme park is a virtual one.

The Pokémon Virtual Fest is the latest project from virtual social media platform Cluster. Upon arrival, you pick one of three cosplay options to dress you avatar in, corresponding to Grookey, Scorbunny, and Sobble, the three starter Pokémon options for Pokémon Sword and Shield.

Once you’re properly attired, you can head into the park where attractions such as the Giant Poké Ball Ferris Wheel, Wailord Sky Ocean Cruise, and Galarian Weezing Train are waiting to be ridden, as well as carnival games like the Inteleon Shooting Range and Dugtrio Ring Toss.

While in the park, you can mingle with other visitors and snap virtual photos together. If you’re looking for a challenge, though, you’ll want to head over to the entrance lobby, form a team, and tackle one of the missions on offer.

▼ Entrance area

These missions are designed by Scrap, the Tokyo-based escape game company that also produced the awesome real-life Metal Gear Solid infiltration game. By navigating mazes, answering riddles, and solving puzzles, you and your team not only win bragging rights, but help expand the park.

▼ One of the mission puzzle rooms

As more people clear the missions, new attractions and features will be added to the park, and once certain conditions are met the designers hint that new Pokémon costumes will be added as well.

In addition to the above-listed attractions, the park’s initial form will also include an area for public viewing of Pokémon Sword and Shield battles and other stage events as well as a beach zone. From August 29 to 31 there’ll also be a Pikachu dance show and fireworks, and knowing first-hand what good dancers Pikachus are, we’re sure it’ll be adorable.

Cluster can be used via iOS and Android devices, as well as Windows and Mac computers, with the relevant download links on the event’s official website here. Pokémon Virtual Fest runs from August 12 to 31.

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