Häagen-Dazs gives us another tantalizing flavor using Japanese ingredients, and we’re certainly not complaining!

With Japan in the midst of an intense heat wave, a Häagen-Dazs ice cream cup product in a new flavor sounds like just what we need — and happily for us, that’s exactly what we’re getting! For a limited time, Häagen-Dazs will be offering a mini ice cream cup in a Kuromitsu (brown sugar syrup) and Kinako (soy bean powder) flavor.

The new item combines a soy bean powder-flavored ice cream with a brown sugar syrup flavored sorbet. The ice cream is made using fragrant soy bean powder carefully roasted for just the right amount of time, and along with the gently sweet brown sugar syrup sorbet, it should make for a delightful combination of Japanese flavors that’s both rich and cool at the same time, making it the perfect summer treat. It also happens to be the very first Japanese sorbet and ice cream flavor combination to be offered by Häagen-Dazs Japan!

▼ Brown sugar syrup sorbet and soy bean powder ice cream: a match made in ice cream heaven?

According to the information on Häagen-Dazs’ special product site, they apparently wanted to create an ice cream in a Japanese flavor that would specifically be enjoyable in the hot summer weather. Well, we have to say, kuromitsu syrup and kinako powder sound excellent together in summer, and in any other season as well!

The new Kuromitsu and Kinako mini ice cream cup will be available at supermarkets, convenience stores and department stores across Japan from July 24 for 294 yen (US$2.60) a cup. If you’re in Japan this summer, it may be the perfect snack to help keep the summer heat away.

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